Michael Rosenblum

15 West 53rd Street NY NY 10019  Michael@Rosenblumtv.com


Michael Rosenblum studied photography and printmaking at Williams College in the 1970s.  He studied under Thomas Krens, later Director of The Guggenheim Museum. At Williams he did editions with Jim Dine.  Upon graduation from Williams he received a Thomas Watson Foundation Fellowship that paid his way to spend three years traveling the world photographing.

The Watson experience taught him the benefits of a photographer working alone. He would later translate this methodology to video and television and create Videojournalism – a revolutionary new way of making video and TV that has spread around the world.

In 2004 he returned to his roots when his wife Lisa got him studio space in New York at LESP, the Lower East Side Print Center, where he began working in very large format photo silk screens.

In 2010 he was given his first one-man show by Chashama, and later joined the board of Chashama.

This November he will be showing at The Woolworth Mansion in NY.


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